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Retaining Wall Blocks Add Beauty and Functionality

Hilgersom Landscape Centre carries different sizes of segmental retaining wall blocks to suit all aspects of your landscape.

Whether it’s the CR-Wall series of block manufactured by Canadian Paving Stone, or the versatile Stonehenge series by Abbotsford Concrete Products, these blocks can be used in many applications including:

  • terracing

  • raised planters

  • ponds

  • raised patios

  • steps

  • window wells

  • fire pits

Some of the many advantages of segmental retaining wall blocks include:

  • low maintenance

  • durable

  • great design flexibility and versatility allows them to integrate into any landscape

  • mortarless stacking system often with built-in interlocking system

  • often manufactured with automatic set back increasing wall stability

  • solid blocks give added weight and stability to application

  • will not crack due to freeze-thaw cycles

  • many colours and finishes available to fit any landscape