Paving Stone and Sidewalk Slabs






Create Beautiful Paths, Patios, and Driveways

Hilgersom Landscape Centre is proud to sell pavers made by Canadian Paving Stone and Abbotsford Concrete Products. These pavers offer a superior and affordable alternative to asphalt or concrete exterior finishes.

Some of the many advantages of paving stones are:

  • low maintenance

  • abundance of styles, colours and laying patterns makes them easy to integrate into any landscape

  • compressive strength three times that of slab concrete, making them ideal for residential, commercial, and even heavy industrial applications

  • long-lasting

  • individual pavers resist cracking, damage from freeze-thaw, and salts

  • pavers’ smooth surface allows for easy snow removal as well as their availability in dark colours which promotes faster melting

  • special Durafinish gives pavers an attractive appearance as well as making them safe to walk on, even when wet

  • easy to replace and add on to

  • easily removed to gain access to underground utilities

  • immediately ready for use when installation is complete

  • environmentally responsible; pavers can be lifted and later reused in different applications instead of hauled to landfills as is often the case with concrete and asphalt