5 Yard Tips For a Carefree Winter


It seems that summertime has just about run out here in Lethbridge. With reality sinking in again and the summer holiday season coming to an end, you may be hyperventilating at the thought of all the things you have accomplished in your yard versus what you had hoped to accomplish this season. We’re happy to tell you there’s still time to finish things up! Here are some projects to tackle before winter arrives.

This is a great time to add mulch.

This is a great time to add mulch.


As the nights begin to get cooler, plants will start slowing down, beginning their energy download for their dormant period soon to come. This is a great time to get into your planting beds and mess around a bit. You may be visiting your favourite big box store and end up taking home some cheap perennials or shrubs.  Or perhaps you're digging in those spring bulbs. 

Either way, your beds may need a bit of sprucing up.  While you're working on them anyway, why not top off that mulch or add some to a virgin garden? 

Not only will it look great going into the fall, it'll also protect the roots of the plants from the cold weather ahead.  Win-win!

lighting can be installed in a weekend!

lighting can be installed in a weekend!


Landscape lighting is always great to have in a yard, but especially this time of year while the nights are still warm and becoming longer. 

Installing lights, whether it be overhead patio lights, pathway lighting, or general landscape lighting, can be done on a weekend.  It may take a couple of nights to fine-tune their positions, but that’s an easy job to do (even with a beverage in hand).

fix sunken paving stone before it creates ice in winter.

fix sunken paving stone before it creates ice in winter.


Have you noticed that puddle at the foot of your steps?  If you haven't already, you definitely will when you slip on the ice this winter!  Now is a great time to fix that sunken paving stone

The weather is still pleasant enough to enjoy working outdoors, but you won't get heat stroke from it.  Fix your sidewalk and driveway's paving stone now so that you won't be cursing this winter when you shovel the snow. 

Same goes for those loose caps on your retaining walls and planters.  Put some glue under them now so that they'll still be in their proper order when that drift melts in the spring.

get your new patio ready for spring.

get your new patio ready for spring.


When do you want to use your patio the most?  For me, it's in the spring when the birds are returning and in the fall during those long harvest nights! 

Get that new patio installed now so that you can have it ready for the spring, and still be able to enjoy some weekends on it this season yet.  Besides, who wants all that mud tracked into the house and garage this winter when those dirt and gravel pathways become muddy messes? 

If your to-do list is long, this type of work can be done late into the season, as long as your base work was completed while still frost-free.

now is a great time to build a raised planter.

now is a great time to build a raised planter.


Do you have a car full of super-cheap plants that you bought when you couldn't bear to see them deteriorate at your local big box store? Where are you going to put them all? 

If you're planning on building a raised planter, now is a great time.  Actually building them might be easier without the existing plants crowding you out.  Plant your bulbs, perennials and shrubs in them now so that you can enjoy the show they’ll display in the spring. 

Heck, you may even get some planters cheap with garden centres clearing them out to make room for Halloween and Christmas decorations!


Your landscape is in its prime! Enjoy it! We all understand as Albertans that our gardens are now on borrowed time; we’ve already seen the dreaded September storm! Having said this, it is melting quickly and you should be able to get back in your garden soon.

Take this time to be proud of the battles won, and have a look at where improvements could be made.  This may lead you to the activities mentioned above, or perhaps it's time for an overhaul.  Start the design process now while the ideas are still fresh in your head!

There’s a lot of ideas to work into your yard in this article. Don’t panic!  As long as you don’t waste this year’s remaining nice weather, there is still plenty of time to get your landscape into shape.  Then you can rest easy this winter and start the process all over again next spring!